The UK’s Top Patio Cleaners For Outdoor Paving

By Thomas O'Rourke - 2nd January, 2019

Cleaning your outdoor patio requires more than a dustpan and a broom. Besides dust and dirt, there’s moss, lichens and algae to take care of. The best patio cleaners can make your chore less of a burden, but with so many products on the market, how can you find the right one?

If you’re aiming to achieve professional results at home, you’ll need both a patio cleaner or pressure washer and a good liquid remover to fight against mould and moss.

We know the choice is far from easy, which is why our experts have tested and rated the most popular outdoor paving cleaners in the UK. Check out our top picks below.

In this guide - the best patio cleaners around, including...

#1 Best Patio Cleaner

Karcher T350

1. Karcher T350

The best of the best – a splash-free surface cleaner designed to clean large outdoor surfaces in a breeze.

Cheapest Cleaner

patio magic before and after

2. Patio Magic!

An effective and budget-friendly option to rid of any mould, moss or algae growing on your hard surfaces.

And The Rest...

3. Pro Kleen Fluid

Excellent for cleaning green mould and algae, but less effective on black algae and lichens.

4. Karcher K2 Washer

Dependable power washer and accessories designed for a quick and easy cleaning of most outdoor surfaces.

5. Wet & Forget Mould Remover

One of the first liquid patio cleaners designed to work on all outdoor surfaces, including tents and umbrellas.

Karcher T350
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Easy to manoeuvre on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Kärcher T350 is more than a patio cleaner. This innovative product, designed to work on horizontal and vertical surfaces, is easy to use to clean your outdoor paving, the garage door and even your home’s exterior walls, quickly and effortlessly.

The efficient design with twin-jet rotational arm cleans surfaces in half the time required to clean with a spray lance, while the head’s hood prevents splashing and keeps both you and your surroundings dry.

Perhaps the best feature is the continuous pressure adjustment which allows for use of the machine on all outdoor surfaces, including wood decks, stone and concrete paving, or a galvanised garage door.

The ergonomic design incorporates two handles on the unit’s head which allow for effortless manoeuvring on vertical areas and two extension tubes that attach to the bayonet connection for a no-frills cleaning of pavements.

A pressure washer isn’t included in the box, but the cleaner is compatible with all Kärcher K2 to K7 models.


  • Two rotating flat jet nozzles provide a superior cleaning of your outdoor surface compared with a spray lance.
  • The pressure is easy to adjust from the intuitive analogue dial. You can use the cleaner for all outdoor surfaces.
  • Designed to hover over the pavement for easy cleaning.
  • A selection of accessories includes two extension tubes, a rotor arm and an assortment of high-pressure nozzles.
  • Compatible with a wide range of pressure washers.


  • It is not possible to control or stop the flow of the cleaning fluid dispenser.
patio magic before and after
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This biodegradable cleaner is suitable for exterior and interior use.

Patio Magic is a biodegradable liquid cleaner formulated to transform mould, algae and moss growing on your hard surfaces into a thing of the past. It comes in 2.5-litre containers and its concentrated formula provides an effective and long-lasting removal of growths from all hard surfaces.

Developed for easy treatment, this biocide agent is easy to apply on any affected surfaces, diluted either 1:4 or 1:9 depending on how severely affected the surface is.

A litre of diluted product goes a long way, covering up to 3.5m² on horizontal surfaces and 7m² on vertical surfaces.

You can also use this all-purpose biocide as a pre-paint fungicidal wash, and it can be either sprayed or poured on the patio area. Regardless of the application method, the product requires no scrubbing or pressure washing, and all you have to do is to apply and leave it to dry.


  • Concentrate mould, algae and moss killer cleans all exposed surfaces in two to four days. Protection lasts for six to nine months.
  • Suitable for exterior and interior use on the patio, driveways, fencing or walls.
  • Biodegradable formula is safe for kids and pets once it has fully dried.
  • Several packaging options give you the possibility to choose between the concentrate formula or a ready-to-use spray.


  • Less effective in removing lichens.
Pro Kleen cleaning liquid
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Biodegradable formula effectively removes green mould and algae.

Pro-Kleen is a green mould and algae remover similar to Patio Magic, but a tad more expensive and a little less effective on black algae. Despite this slight drawback, Pro-Kleen comes as a great solution for those looking for an effective growth removal from their wooden decking or garden furniture.

This concentrate cleaner can be used on most outdoor surfaces, including wood and UPVC, ceramic or terracotta pots, and other surfaces where moss, green mould and algae grow.

Its non-acidic and biodegradable formula is safe for children and pets once dry, and the product is very easy to apply with a low-pressure garden sprayer or watering can. The results are visible within a few days and last for a few months.

The concentrated product is supplied in 5-litre containers and must be diluted 1:4 before spraying.


  • Several purchase options give you the capability to buy the green mould and algae remover only – or the remover and a patio and driveway cleaner bundle.
  • Ideal to use on most outdoor surfaces, including wood decking and furniture, flower pots and UPVC surfaces.
  • Easy to dilute and apply with a garden sprayer or watering can.


  • This product has little effect on lichens and black algae growing on roofs and other outdoor surfaces.
  • More expensive than other similar cleaners.
Karcher K2 spraying bike
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Multipurpose power washer ideal for cleaning decking, patios and block paving.

Kärcher K2 pressure washer is one of those must-haves in your arsenal. Compatible with the T350 surface cleaner mentioned above, this machine is designed to clean your outdoor surfaces and furniture in no time.

It’s perfect for removing much more than dust and comes equipped with an array of accessories comprising a splash-free patio cleaner similar to the T350, a lance with four predefined settings and a dirt blaster.

A high-pressure trigger gun provides just the extra power you need for removing stubborn stains, mould, algae or moss, while the lance and dirt blaster are ideal for cleaning vehicles, garden tools, bicycles and more.

Easy to manoeuvre, the washer also comes with a telescopic handle and on-board storage for all accessories, including the high-pressure hose and cable.

Another nice feature is the accompanying home kit that comprises the patio cleaner and a detergent for a thorough cleaning of any very dirty surfaces.


  • An ergonomic design comprising a telescopic handle and wheels makes the pressure washer easy to move.
  • Iconography guide helps you select the right pressure setting for the job.
  • Ideal for cleaning your patio, driveway, decking, garden furniture and accessories, tools and more.
  • A suction tube allows applying detergent directly from the machine.
  • This pressure washer comes with a water filter designed to protect the pump against dirt.


  • The patio attachment is less effective than the T350 surface cleaner.
  • This pressure washer is loud. We recommend using ear plugs or muffs to prevent hearing damage.
Wet & Forget patio liquid
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Ideal for cleaning large areas and stubborn mould stains.

Last but not least, another product that caught our attention is Wet & Forget, a liquid concentrate formulated to remove moss, lichens and algae from literally all outdoor surfaces. This is one of the first products in its class and works a treat on patio surfaces, decking and garden furniture.

It comes in a 5-litre bottle which makes 30 litres of diluted remover, and just like the other two liquid cleaners above, it’s easy to apply with a low pressure garden sprayer or watering can.

This patio cleaner is ideal for larger surfaces, and a bottle of diluted product covers up to 300m², depending on the porosity of the surface. Once applied, it needs no scrubbing or brushing – all you have to do is let it dry.

The results start to show after a few days from application, but severely dirty surfaces may require several treatments before observing any noticeable results.

A great thing about the Wet & Forget is that every time it rains it reactivates itself for a more effective and longer lasting cleaning of the surfaces.


  • Ideal to use on all outdoor surfaces including composite or wood decking, concrete, awnings, fiberglass, asphalt and brick.
  • Long-lasting formula penetrates into the surface and continues to clean for up to a year.
  • Safe for pets and children once dry. It contains no bleach, acids or caustic substances.
  • Contains a blend of biodegradable selective surfactants developed to fight against mould, moss, algae and lichens.


  • Much more expensive than other products in its class.
  • It may take several months until you notice the results on particularly dirty surfaces.

How To Clean Your Patio So It Looks Like New

A well-maintained patio gives you the perfect place to arrange an outdoor socialising area. Regular cleaning is key to keeping your patio like new, but sweeping dirt and leaves is sometimes insufficient.

Moss, lichens, green or black mould and algae are known to develop in the shadier areas of a yard or garden.

Luckily, there are several ways to clean them and maintain your outdoor surfaces like new for longer.

We recommend cleaning your patio and outdoor paving in spring with either a pressure washer, a liquid cleaner – or both, depending on the condition of your surface.


Cleaning your patio with a pressure washer

The fastest way to get rid of all unsightly stains on your paving is with a pressure washer. You will only have to connect the machine to a water source and follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions to remove any dirt with a strong stream nozzle.

Avoid pointing the stream at the same spot for a long time to prevent surface damage. You must also know that pressure washing roughens the surface and creates a proper environment for moss and algae to thrive.

For this reason, it is recommended to mix the water with a fungicidal detergent formulated to fight against algae.

Once the surface is clean, let it dry completely and treat it with a suitable waterproof sealant. This step is often overlooked but very important, as it prevents erosion and improves the resistance to stains and dirt of the surface, keeping it like new for longer.

Before engaging in action, check if your surface can be cleaned with a pressure washer. Some natural and cast stone paving can be damaged by the high pressure of the stream and require specific cleaning with a brush and regular hose. For such surfaces, a liquid cleaner could be a more suitable solution.


Cleaning your patio with liquid cleaner

There are dozens of specific patio cleaners containing biocides and developed specifically to fight mould. They are easy to apply, typically with a low-pressure garden sprayer or watering can, and most products require no other action from your side.

The most effective liquid cleaners remove the stains in a few days and their effect can last for six months or more.

If you don’t want to use a liquid cleaner, there are a few alternative DIY solutions you can use.


Alternative ways to clean your patio

One of the most popular products used to get rid of unflattering stains and keep the patio like new is bleach. Make a cleaning solution by mixing bleach with water in a proportion of 1:4. Add 30 millilitres of liquid dishwashing detergent to the solution, stir, and pour it into a garden sprayer.

Spray the bleach solution onto the surface, let it sit for about five minutes, then scrub the paving with a stiff nylon brush. Rinse with a hose to remove all residues.

Although this method is effective, the bleach may harm your plants. If you have flowerbeds around the patio, you can use an eco-friendly solution consisting of vinegar and liquid detergent. Mix equal parts of water and vinegar, add 30 millilitres of dishwasher and spray the solution onto the surface.

Let it sit for half an hour, then scrub the surface with a stiff nylon brush and rinse with a hose.

Let the clean surface dry completely and seal it with an appropriate waterproof product following the manufacturer’s instructions. This will keep your patio like new for longer.