Product Review: Lay Z Spa Saint Tropez

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By Ed Hayne

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Many of our users have purchased the new Lay Z Spas as a luxurious (but surprisingly affordable) addition to their garden. Personally we can see the appeal, especially when they cost a fraction of the price of a conventional hot tub. The range has also improved significantly in recent years, with some huge feature additions and product development.

In this article we review the 2017 Saint Tropez model – taking you through its best features and some top tips for buyers. Our experts have also found the best possible prices online – comparing the latest offers & deals from over 20+ suppliers. Whatever you do, don’t buy this model until you’ve read our review. You won’t regret it!

How our experts rate the Lazy Spa Saint Tropez...

Lay-Z-Spa St Tropez Spa

Published: 5th July, 2017
Last Updated: 30th September, 2017
Overall Rating: 4.6 / 5
Review Scores
Product Installation: 4.9 / 5
Value for Money: 4.8 / 5
Comfort of Use: 4.6 / 5
Special Features: 4.2 / 5
Overview: The Saint Tropez hot tub is the latest and greatest offering in the Lazy Spa range. While the upgrades on previous versions are fairly limited, it offers all the same features and size benefits of other versions with the additional appeal of an LED lighting system throughout. This really adds to the visual appeal and ‘wow factor’ of the tub – which is important if you’re hosting friends or family in the back garden. This aesthetic appeal makes it one of our favourite tubs in the range and, as is the case with all Lay Z Spas, the tub is fantastic value for money.


We already know Lay Z Spa as the market leaders in inflatable hot tub technology and for us, the new Saint Tropez model didn’t disappoint. The highlight of the new model is unquestionably the new LED lighting system, which really adds a sense of style and charm missing from previous models.

It is especially recommended if you’re planning on having late-night parties or using your tub in winter when the UK nights draw in extremely early. The lighting helps fix the tub as the focal point of your garden – making it a fantastic addition for parties or outdoor social gatherings.

The model guidelines suggest 4-6 people can fit in the tub. While this is true, we found that the tub comfortably fits 4 people. Any more than this and it does start to feel quite ‘cosy’. If you’re planning on regularly hosting more than 4 people, you should look at a model with a larger water capacity, such as the Palm Springs spa.

Unlike many other inflatable hot tubs, the Lay Z Spa’s heating & bubble air jet system can be operated at the same time. This means the tub can easily maintain temperatures up to a toasty 40C while simultaneously blasting massaging jets of bubbles – pure bliss!

Holds 4-6

Max 40°C


87 Air

The spa represents fantastic value for money, operating at nearly 10% of the cost of traditional hot tubs. It’s also lighter than traditional spas, meaning it can usually be installed on garden decking without the need for underfoot reinforcement. Being an inflatable product also makes for easy disassembly – so the product can be moved to another part of the garden or to an entirely new home if needs be!

  • 4 LED lighting settings make the tub look really impressive
  • Heating and bubbles can be operated simultaneously
  • Zero tools required to set up
  • Includes one year warranty (can be extended)
  • Easy set-up from home & very portable
  • Power saving timer allows you to set when your spa should turn on
  • Lighter than a conventional hot tub, can be easily used with decking
  • As with any hot tub, the Saint Tropez needs regular cleaning
  • Can take a while to heat up if you use cold water

Top Tip: if you’re not fussy when it comes to the visual aesthetics of your tub, consider purchasing one of the cheaper Lay-Z models. Other models have exactly the same water capacity, air jets and features as the Saint Tropez, but without the LED lighting system. Check out this review for a model that is slightly cheaper but a little less visually appealing.

Best Features

The Saint Tropez has some incredible features that we loved. Our favourites were:

LED Lighting System
The kit comes with a floating LED light that sits in the water and varies between 4 different colours. This really does look great – especially on a night-time. This feature is only available with the Saint Tropez model.

Dual Operated Heating & Air Jet System
Unlike many other inflatable hot tubs, the air jet and heating system can be operated simultaneously. This means toasty 40 degrees temperatures while the relaxing air jet massage system gets to work – pure bliss!

1 Year Extendable Warranty & Free UK Support Team Service
The product comes with a 1 year warranty as standard and this can be extended for an additional cost. Buying a hot tub is a big commitment so this really helps with peace-of-mind. Having dedicated UK support is also incredibly useful during installation or if you encounter any issues.

Energy Saving Timer Controls
This feature is available on all Lay Z Spa models but it’s a simple one that we love. The spa can be programmed up to 72 hours before use so that it’s automatically at your desired temperature when you come to use it. Perfect if you know friends or family are coming round later to make use of the tub!

Easy Installation & Portability
As with all Lazy Spas, the product is incredibly simple to install and can be easily dismantled and transported elsewhere. The product even comes with its own pump to inflate. And should you come across any issues there’s a fully-fledged support network to help you out. Why bother with conventional hot tubs anymore?

Inflatable Lid
The tub comes with a lid that can be placed over the top when not in use. This helps to protect the water from local cats, dirt etc. We found that by using the lid and leaving the water overnight, the water would hold its temperature nicely and only needed a small amount of heating the following morning to bring it back to optimal temperature.

Check out this promotional video from Bestway on the St Tropez spa –

What's Included?

The price you pay includes everything you need to set-up and install the hot tub –

  • Installation DVD
  • Heating & air jet massage system
  • Chemical floater
  • Official filter cartridges (will need replacing every so often)
  • Bubble mat / soft floor
  • Control panel including energy saving timer
  • Repair kit
Additional Accessories

There are some additional accessories you might want to buy to help with maintenance / enjoyment of your tub –

  • Lay Z Spa Floor Protector
  • Clear Water Chemical Starter Kit
  • Hot Drinks & Food Holder
  • Lay Z Spa Filter Cartridges
  • Inflatable Hot Tub Surround
  • Spa Pillow Set
Product Specifications
  • Capacity: 4-6 people
  • Air Jets: 87
  • LED settings: 4 colours: pink, green, blue, yellow
  • Max Heat: 40 °C
  • Product Dimensions: 196 x 196 x 58 cm
  • Boxed Weight: 41 kg
  • Water-Filled Weight: 1,110 kg
  • Water Capacity: 848 Litres (80% filled)
  • Power Cable Length: 7m
  • Release Date: September 2016

The boxed product also includes an installation DVD, heating lid, filter cartridges & chemical floater.

Installation Guidelines

Installation is incredibly simple and can be completed at home without professional support. The tub comes with an accompanying DVD which helps to explain how you can set up the tub in a step-by-step process. This can also be found on YouTube below –

Top Tip: installing the tub on reinforced decking or alongside artificial grass can help prevent dirt finding its way into the tub from mucky feet. This can help dramatically reduce the amount of time you need to spend cleaning the tub and draining/re-filling the water.